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March 2017

Soul Motion®: room for you with Michael Molin-Skelton

March 3 - March 5
Facilitator(s): Michael Molin-Skelton

“Honor the space between no longer and not yet”. Nancy Lewis Whenever you and i are willing to take a stand we create room within ourselves to be ourselves –  to no longer deny our own flowering. To allow room to bloom. Whenever you and i are willing to take a stand we create room within ourselves to be with another – to risk seeing and being seen in communion. To allow room for our vulnerability. Whenever you and i…

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Soul Motion®: portraits of prayers ritual with Michael Molin-Skelton

March 10 - March 12
Rome, Italy
Facilitator(s): Michael Molin-Skelton

ritual is the routine infused with mindfulness. it is habit made holy ritual: the unspoken language of the soul. it is embodied prayer. with commitment and intention ritual has the capacity to alter time and heighten our awareness. as we dance through the portal of ritual we  enter into sacred time to remember and re-create; remember our souls purpose and re-create ourselves in that whole and holy image. from the beginning of time ritual has been used to face the…

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Soul Motion®: Relax into Being | A Costa Rica Retreat with Zuza Engler

March 11 - March 17

Facilitator(s): Zuza Engler, Scott Engler

Are you longing to relax – with self, with others, and into the great Mystery that we also are? Take time this winter to hang out inside this mysterious event called you: sensing and feeling, opening and closing, weight shifting, shape shifting, melting into now. Suffuse your body with breath and benevolence. Listen deeply to the secret language of your cells. In the sweetness of the tropical air, caress of a warm ocean, soulful community – allow your heart to…

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Soul Motion®: begin again with Michael Molin-Skelton

March 17 - March 19
Warsaw, Poland
Facilitator(s): Michael Molin-Skelton

start close in, don’t take the second step or the third, start with the first thing, close in, the step you don’t want to take. consider this: there is within each moment the opportunity for you and i to make a choice, which alters the landscape that frames our lives. this moment, the crossroads of our past and our possibilities, is ripe with the potent promise of change and the invitation to risk. are you willing? in this workshop of…

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Soul Motion® in Vienna/Austria

March 18 - March 19
Steinakirchen, Amstetten Austria
Facilitator(s): Martin Steixner

The connection between gentle bodywork and dance - an overall exploration of core principles of touch and movement. The soft Trager approach opens our inner perception for subtle movements and structures in our body. The free dance and the movement language of Soul Motion helps to develop a new repertoire of expressions and motions. Time: March 18th-19th 2017 Teachers: Martin Steixner (Soul Motion Teacher, Trager practitioner and Imago Facilitator) Venue: Freiraum Zehethof, 3261 Steinakirchen bei Amstetten

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Soul Motion®: pause presence with Michael Molin-Skelton

March 26
Antwerp, Belgium
Facilitator(s): Michael Molin-Skelton

/preg – nənt/… 2. filled with possibility or importance: momentous.  every time you and i give ourselves permission to rest and relax into our pause we create a momentous moment where our possibilities are limitless and the opportunity to begin again opens its doors.to restore – renew – refresh.  in every movement moment there is a silent invitation calling us into the art of doing no-thing.  in today’s ever increasing hurried environment it is an act of courage to court…

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April 2017

Eyes of a Dancer with Vinn Arjuna Martí – Workshop in Berkeley, April 2017

April 7 - April 8
Berkeley, United States
Facilitator(s): Vinn Arjuna Martí

Founder and Artistic Director Arjuna leads "Eyes of a Dancer" in beautiful Berkeley, California this April. This weekend movement workshop invites you to begin seeing with the eyes of your whole body. We will learn to experience ourselves and the room not just with our sight, but with the unique vision of our fingertips and our hearts, the soles of our feet and our hips. Through this intimate physical connection we bridge the places in-between with moving awareness that enriches our whole…

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Soul Motion Embodied Leadership Program (Mod 3) AUDIT

April 28 - May 5
Port Townsend, WA United States
Facilitator(s): Vinn Arjuna Martí, Aletia A. Alvarez, Edgar Spieker, Michael Molin-Skelton

This program is reserved for Soul Motion Embodied Leadership Graduates and Soul Motion Teachers - to audit Module three of the current training program.  Module 3 of the Soul Motion Embodied Leadership Program is held April 28-May 5 at Madrona MindBody Institute in Port Townsend, Washington.  Audit Fee has a minimum of three days of participation - audit fee is $150 ($50 per day)  Additional days after the three day minimum are at no additional cost.  Housing and Meals are…

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May 2017

Audit Module 3 of Teacher Training & Join 2017 Teacher Gathering – Madrona MindBody Institute

May 18 - May 21
Port Townsend, WA United States
Facilitator(s): Vinn Arjuna Martí, Aletia A. Alvarez, Edgar Spieker, Michael Molin-Skelton

As a Soul Motion Teacher you are invited to audit the upcoming Soul Motion Teacher Training (Module 3 - May 13-18) AND...you are also invited to attend the 2017 Soul Motion Teacher Gathering USA (May 18-21) - at Madrona MindBody Institute. Teacher Gathering Curriculum will provide up-to-date information - with a collective focus on Mythos, Marketing and Music.  YOU CAN SELECT ONE OF THESE OPTIONS: AUDIT Module 3 of Teacher Training - May 13-18 is $150 for all days (3-day…

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A Soul Motion® workshop Gravity and Grace – Moving on new ground

May 27

A Soul Motion® workshop:  Gravity and Grace          Moving on new ground with Kate-Marie Mutsaers and Alison Fox We will explore alone and together the gravity that pulls us into old ground, patterns, thoughts and practices, with the grace that can lift us to find new ground to call home. With the conscious movement practice of Soul Motion we will merge our sense of curiosity with movement, to travel the relational landscapes of self, other, community and the spirit of…

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