AletiaAletia Anna Alvarez –Aletia is a cultivator of connection, bringing a diverse and varied background to her Soul Motion™ practice. Her spark for creative movement has catalyzed dynamic personal and professional changes. Aletia serves as faculty to the Soul Motion™ School and is the co-founder and director of Madrona MindBody Institute – a sanctuary for conscious dance and living. She calls herself a Dance Detective: a deep diver into the ongoing and ever present mystery of resourcing the body’s intelligence as the entrusted leader for sustaining and relaxing into the everyday dance; a dynamic landscape of change, transformation and relational inquiry. Aletia comes to us field-tested as an organizational consultant, executive director, community activist, entrepreneur, master mariner, rotary-wing army officer, Outward Bound instructor, and most of all, as a Soul Motion™ teacher and facilitator.